The Holland Metropole region is establishing itself as a unique multi-city region with the ingredients to succeed as a major player globally, according to a new report by The Business of Cities group.

‘The fundamentals
of growth, knowledge and infrastructure are in place and the region developing its innovation edges,’ said the report, the third on the region by the research group.

However, as the Holland Metropole evolves and matures, it is starting to experience more of the dynamics that the very top regions in the world are living through, and this requires even more focus, attention and innovation, the report’s authors state.

Mapping opportunities

These will require better mapping of the opportunities in the region, so that it becomes more visible to external markets. And while central government is providing short-term investment to improve the transport infrastructure, there should be more cooperation on investment in the regional transport system and in managing congestion around the big cities.

Housing policies too require alignment and by working together, the five cities will be able to ensure that the
region as a whole continues to provide opportunity and choice, supported by housing policy reforms and incentives at the national level.

‘Holland Metropole’s special mix of innovation sectors is more likely to be successful if supported by co-investment in urban amenities, infrastructure and experience in more of the region’s high growth job locations,’ the report, published to coincide with Expo Real 2019, said. ‘Continuing support for SMEs to achieve catalytic scale will also be essential to catapult the region into the top class of innovation regions.’

Download the full report ‘Fulfilling Potential’