The Holland Metropole approach

Urbanisation, demographic changes, technological developments and cross-border capital flows are shaping the way cities are developing across the globe. The Holland Metropole alliance is building towards a stable, sustainable and inclusive future for all its residents.


Creating value for all stakeholders

The Netherlands has a serious shortage of residential property, making the country an attractive option for long-term, stable investment in affordable housing. Within the Holland Metropole alliance, the public and private sectors are working together to help meet official targets of building 900,000 new homes in the coming years.

The Dutch market is mature, liquid and transparent, offering excellent opportunities for investors and developers, and residential returns in particular are outperforming their European peers. The Holland Metropole alliance believes that it is only by working together in public private partnerships and creating value for all stakeholders that the urban challenges facing the region can be solved.


Inclusivity and affordability

The Holland Metropole alliance is focused on boosting the supply of affordable housing and ensuring it is accessible to all. Innovative developments, such as self-build, crowdfunding and subsidised projects for first-time buyers are helping to make sure owner-occupied housing remains an option for everyone, while the rental sector is developing new forms of age-adaptive living in healthy environments.

Sustainability and climate change

The Holland Metropole partners are working together to ensure that resilient and innovative climate adaptive design has priority when it comes to new residential developments. Energy neutral, climate adaptive development is the norm.

Across the Dutch real estate sector, climate change targets are becoming increasingly important and the themes of circular construction, carbon emission reduction and water management are at the forefront of the Holland Metropole approach, whether local authority, developer or investor.


Connectivity and mobility

The Holland Metropole region is one of the most productive in Europe, with a public transport system that is among the fastest and most reliable in the world. It is also super-connected to other European metropolitan areas, thanks to its central location and excellent air and road links, as well as its advanced digital networks.

At the same time, Holland Metropole partners are working to create residential areas in which the car takes second place. Alternative and shared forms of transport are an integral part of new developments, along with state of the art public transport.