Work has started in The Hague on building a new creative company hub on a former 146 hectare industrial area, which is being transformed into a modern urban district.

The Titaan project involves the development of over 11,200 square metres of offices, workshops and community spaces – enough to house 70 companies and 350 shared desk placements.

When completed in 2022, the Titaan will be almost energy neutral, with solar panels on the roof and it will be warmed via a district heating system.

City economic affairs alderman Saskia Bruines at the industrial area

‘The Titaan will strengthen the attractiveness of the Binckhorst district as a business location and helps meet demand for working space,’ says city economic affairs alderman Saskia Bruines. ‘Entrepreneurs are the driver of our local economy so this is essential.’

The Binckhorst is a former industrial area which will have a mix of homes, offices and shared workspaces focusing on innovation and creative companies when completed. Close to the HS railway station, it offers a wide variety of opportunities for developers.