Rotterdam city council has awarded the contract to develop 167 non-rent controlled properties on a brownfield site in the south of the city to Holland Metropole partner VORM.

The Project Koer development is part of wider efforts to provide more homes for families, the elderly and starters on the housing ladder in the Afrikaander district of the city which is close to the river and just a 15 minute walk from landmarks such as the Erasmus Bridge and Hotel New York.

The project will enable people who grew up in the neighbourhood to remain living there even if their housing needs change, city council housing executive Bas Kurvers said.

The development includes one block with a transparent lobby where a variety of community activities can take place as well as communal gardens and electric shared cars. Residents will also be able to work together on odd jobs in ‘Villa Residu’, which will have a supply of shared tools. ‘Koer is about inclusive living with a Rotterdam twist,’ VORM said.

The Koer project is part of the wider Parkstad development, which will include more than 1,000 homes when completed, as well as a swimming pool and sports hall.