The Hague city authorities have declared 2021 to be the ‘Year of the Roof’, with an ambitious programme to encourage landlords and home owners to make better use of the top of their buildings.

The move, backed by the city council last November, is part of The Hague’s aim to be climate neutral by 2030.

By encouraging people to install solar panels on their roofs, for example, the city will produce more renewable energy and so become a step closer to meeting green energy targets.

In addition, the city is offering subsidies for people who install green roofs, using sedum or other types of plants – and a total of €600,000 in grants is available this year. Green roofs help deal with excess rainwater as well as providing habitats for insects, officials point out.

A similar project in nearby Leiden in 2020 resulted in the placement of 2,875 solar panels and 8,400 square metres of green roofs. The budget for grants was also three times over-subscribed.