Plans have been launched in Rotterdam to redevelop a former cereal factory on the harbour front into a lively urban area with shops, offices, cultural units and cafes, as well as 1,500 new homes.

Part of the massive factory building, considered to be an important part of Rotterdam’s industrial heritage, will be transformed into housing, while a new residential skyscraper, 220 metres high, will be built close by on the 1.8 hectare site.

‘An important part of Rotterdam’s industrial heritage will be given a wonderful new function and the area will become part of a new, lively Katendrecht district,’ city housing chief Bas Kurvers said.

Half the housing will be affordable – that is with a monthly rent of up to €1,000 or a purchase price of €310,000.

The green cube, which is lit up at night on the roof of the factory, will remain a key part of the city’s skyline after the project has been completed.