An initiative has been launched in Rotterdam to develop 1,300 new homes on the Hofplein in the centre of the port city. The project, which is backed by the city council, involves redeveloping the south eastern part of the square with homes in a variety of price classes, plus a hotel, offices, cafes and public areas.

‘Lots of people want to live in the city centre and this plan brings housing back to the heart of Rotterdam,’ said city housing chief Bas Kurvers. ‘Half of the homes will be classified as affordable, and will be available for police officers, teachers and nurses.’

Over 200 rent-controlled homes will be demolished as part of the RISE project and their current tenants will be able to return to the location once the new project is completed.

The Hofplein forms an important entry to Rotterdam and the redevelopment project also includes giving more space to pedestrians and cyclists. The current roundabout, which features a large fountain, is also being redeveloped into a city park as one of seven key projects helping to solve some of the green challenges facing Rotterdam.