Beurskwartier – Utrecht

Beurskwartier – Utrecht

Beurskwartier will be a new high-density, car-free residential district in the centre of Utrecht to meet the growing need for housing, offices, and recreation in the city.

The lively green neighbourhood will rise within walking distance of the historic downtown next door to the biggest train station in the Netherlands. An inviting area for everyone to live, work, relax and meet. Challenging due to the mix of large and small crowd pullers, green parks, squares, streets, and iconic high-rise buildings. The city centre of the future.

The site is expected to have 2,500 new homes for approx. 4,000 to 5,000 people. It will contain apartments in different sizes and price ranges from private housing to rental properties. Various local, small entrepreneurs and artists find their place here and innovative companies work on the future of health, sustainability, ICT, and gaming.

The apartment buildings differ in height from 12, 25, and 45 meters to high-risers of 70 or 90 meters. Among others, there will be a city park on the Croeselaan and a special roof garden on top of Wonderwoods. This creates enough space to enjoy nature.

Construction on the first homes is expected to start in 2023.