Innovation Districts: the magic is in the mix!

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Innovation Districts: the magic is in the mix!

4 oktober - 11:30 - 12:15

Hall A2, conference room A21

Ready to unlock the allure of mixed-use real estate as a prime investment?

Around the globe, visionaries from both the public and private sectors are pioneering urban areas known as innovation districts. What’s their secret sauce? A rich blend of physical and social assets that attract a vast array of firms and talents, fueling interactions and skyrocketing innovation. This requires a healthy mix of uses and activities, which can include institutional, residential, cultural, commercial, light manufacturing, retail, dining, and a range of “innovation spaces”.

That’s already The Hague’s Central Innovation District: home to 50.000 residents, 80.000 professionals, and 30.000 students, nestled between the city’s bustling train stations. By 2040, we’ll be rolling out the red carpet for an additional 35.000 residents, 8.000 students and 25.000 office users, accommodated in 20.500 homes, 640.000 m2 high quality offices and over 250.000 m2 of state-of-the-art facilities. The challenge? Crafting this eclectic mix in towering high-rises. While mixed-use buildings are the dream for innovation districts, they don’t always resonate with investors, especially when it comes to large-scale, vertical integration.

Join our panel as we dive deep into this dilemma, seeking innovative solutions from diverse vantage points:

          How can we amplify the sales allure and potential revenue of mixed-use buildings, without dimming their innovation sparkle?

          Who are the champions we need in our corner to elevate the appeal and feasibility of mixed-use real estate?


4 oktober
11:30 - 12:15


Messe München
München, Duitsland
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