Amsterdam is likely to meet its target of building 1,670 new homes for the mid market rental sector this year, the city’s housing chief Laurens Ivens has told local councillors.

In the first three months of this year, work has started on building 1,694 homes in the Dutch capital of which 728 will have a rent of between €700 and €1000 a month. Most of the projects are in the southeast of the city, where land is in plentiful supply.

Plans are also in the pipeline to start work on a further 10,838 homes this year, which includes 3,064 mid-market rentals, Ivens said.

Nevertheless, Ivens said, the challenge for the second, third and final quarter of the year is to actually realise the council’s plan to build 7,500 new homes a year. ‘Builders and developers are still coping with coronavirus but the processes are, in the main, running smoothly and lots of companies want to invest in Amsterdam,’ he said.

Ivens wants to speed up the development of mid-market rentals, which are aimed at people who earn too much for social housing but who do not earn enough to buy or rent privately.

City officials have agreed that 40% of each new housing project in the city be social housing, with a rent of below €750 a month, 40% should be mid-market and 20% should either have a rent of over €1,000 or be sold to owner occupiers.